PeaceQuiet Tantra Massage Meditation Temple

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School of Inner Value and wellbeing

                            a blissful unfolding of consciousness in the most direct and profound experience.


      Tantra (T)


T. Meditation

Shakti Massage 

T. Counselling 

Shiva Massage

Couple Massage

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PeaceQuiet® is a  Massage Meditation business registered in the United Kingdom.
PeaceQuiet® is not an escort service 
PeaceQuiet® Practitioners Are genuine Tantra massage practitioners registered and fully ensured in the UK 
PeaceQuiet® has the duty to protect the physical and the emotional welfare of its practitioners.

Men must be aware of the damage the act of soliciting has on genuine female Practitioners.  
Reframe from asking unflattering questions. Our practitioners will only respond to enquiries and matter related to Eastern approach to Tantra Massage and to the benefits it can have on people's speritual, physical and emotional wellbeing. 

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