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Another aspect of human life, created and developed by humankind. Sex was one the most popular extraction from procreation from which most animal species have not progressed from to their own benifit.  Once we embark onto sex away from procreation we lose the natural hormonal cycle which is amazing in the way it regulates the inner and the outer environment for the creation of the perfect off spring.  
Sex is another story. Part of sex act it's stimulated by habit part by chymical in the brain hence the tendancy for addiction, the mesery and the short spell of pleasure. Just like an addict searches for the fix we too fight and work hard to preserve, recover, find that zest trip experiences we had with sex we've liked  or encountered once with someone in some place in some magic time.
Unfortunately man made experiences when comes to seconds, seconds seldom happen.

Tantra Proposes the following
Go back to the natural aspects of the a-sexual body. Forget sex, desexualise pleasure, desexualise being with someone, relearn the beauty of being. LET YOUR BODY GUIDE YOU back to itself. Then only then can one understand what real pleasure truly is.   
G8 or 8?
I think its great providing we know the way back to nature. 

The big problem for us women is that our urban lifestyle doesn't work in our favour.

Menopause requires restfulness, calmness, nature, plant base organic diet, natural minerals from fruits and vegetables.  We are not getting as much as we should in our diets. 

Then there is the support and the understanding from partners lovers husbands prople at work friends and relatives but before we can bring all of this people on board we must understand what menopause is doing to our individual body and emotions how mind is dealing with the whole situation.
Leaning to override all the symptons and other people's negative attitudes and lack of understanding is something we Tantras can help you achieve.
We will show women and partners ways of recognising symptons ways of welcoming symptons and ways of overcoming the symptons in  a playful and joyful way. 
Boy oh Boy, this one is a crazy one. can i say this 99.9% of erectile disfunction in men is the result of men reading the wrong magazines.
Im not sure how women have become specialists in male erectile disfunction especially now that we have told men to shut up about everything related to women's body. 

I actually would've like to see a male written glossy magazine where men decided to talk about women dysfunctions hell would break lose yet we have articles about male erctile disfunctions written by women. isn't this fishy? 
Personally I don't believe in inrectile disfunction. If the penis fails to get erect we must look the psychological and medical issue underlining the lack of erection in a man. with that solved we solve the dysfunction.  Learning to welcome and accept an underling issue is the tantra way. Teh most important thing for us is unconditional pleasure therefore we teach the way back to the body so that pleasure is recognised welcomed and celebrate in its pure expression and natural form and for this erection is not a must.  Couples, there are many way to reach Rome.  
Affairs only exist if the other half is not aware of what is going on and finally gets to find it out. 

If the other half is informed before the event then it can no longer be an affair. 

The question is why not negotiate this possibility before it actually happen? 

You see affairs happen all the time in about 99.9% of couples. In our minds we are all at it. Some which is the minority actually put the  mental affairs into practice. 

Whether mental emotional or energetic an affair is an affair so we better draw the roadmap BEFORE MARRIAGE, BEFORE WE DECIDE TO BECOME EXCLUSIVE TO EACHOTHER.

To achieve this couples need skill maturity honesty no fear freedom of expression, respect and tantra is here to help to help couples to achieve this.

Tantra practitioners have mastered the art of love without multiple partners without ever having the need for an affairs.  Affairs amongst tantra practitioners is un umbroken taboo. We are devoted to our lover and that lover is SELF. 
The chances are you are going to end up with exactly same type of person.

Unless violence, abuse and serious niglet is involved we say don't bother with  divorce. Learn to recognise your own individual issues. In tantra we say our partners are our greatest teachers because through them we see ourselves. In tantra we teach the skill of self love and acceptance.

We resolve conflict through communication skills. we unwrap teh emotional content from issues  that must be addressed with honesty and maturity. Tantra is an amasing tool to help couples regain desire and love for contact and the joy of each others presence. we get ride of the bedroom and we turn the entire home into a temple where the couple can be in the presence of one another with love, wisdom, devotion, forgiveness and understanding about individual aspect of one another. 

This is about getting rid of the "two that become one". Tantra is about going back to that perfect one we loved for being so unique so special to the point we wanted to share our lives with.  

That one is there suffucated oppressed gasping for space and opportunity to assert its perfect uniqueness and existance as an in dividual not as someone another half.  We have the skills we use touch, laughter,  massage, energetic play and meditation. come and talk to us before that silly and potentially unecessery divorce. 
Why not? If ther is a crises lets at least enjoy it. the secret is to be utterly meserable utter inresponsible, totally selfish, without hurting and causing emotiol discomfort and financial burden to others.

Men hit middle age crises and they go and have an affair. WHY? 

A nice excuse. Middle age crises seems to be a narrative of discontend and an opportunity for men to assert their will in a way they can come back to where they left things at without ever making any serious commitment or taking steps and decisions they later regret. 

This middle life crises can be solved in an instant allis required is sound consciousness of one's own will and skills to communicate such will to those who would be affected by our choices. 

here is the problem people want honey but people are scared of  bees. If we want to assert our will we ough to welcome the consequences whcih will come from other people decision to protect their emotions feelings values and the lifestyle they cultivated theough a life lived together.  

LIke affairs middle life crises must also have a road map which must be drawn before marriage. This human tendacies must be discussed and a contigency put in place so that both sides know exactly how to handle the situation in a amicable fair and respectful manner.  How can we help you achieve just that? 

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