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Neo tantrism has very little to share in terms of traditional tantra teachings. Neo tantrism is sex*, and Tantra is about the transcendence of dualistic and material thinking.

These teachings have been offered by Buddha, still been offered by Dalai Lama, and by some renown  Eastern masters and traditions, NONE of whom have ever mention massage or even tantric sex.

Eastern master is someone who follows eastern tradition and understanding left to us by our masters whose teachings took root in the Vedas…Bhagavad Gita…times where gods use to live on planet Earth.

The word sex stemmed from word sexus – latin to classify a boy from a girl.  Later it came to mean the act of having sex, and it became a symbol with Marilyn Monroe. As an attitude and tradition sex is alien to Tantra.  The word sexus/sex is not found in Sanskrit and sex as the British knew it at the time XV-XVIII century did not exist in India, a fact well documented by OSHO's "the baboons were doing press ups on the poor women. Is documented that India never knew that such think was possible," the term missionary position is emblematic of the fact.

The term Dunghill, said to mean quick up the mountain, quick down the mountain for no reason at all,  is another example of India been caught unaware of Western sex,  its attitudes towards the body, its values and habits. This does not mean to say that whatever the Indians were doing was tantric sex. only meant in the words of Sadu Guru "the West has its intelligence hijacked by sex", which is no longer valid because the entire westernised world is going through the same phenomena.

does make any sense that the Brahmans, the Sikhs, the Buddhists would live their lives according to their own traditions, but when it came to sex they all became tantric therefore Hindus. Tantric sex is the craziest thing ever.  There are thousands of books written on the topic of tantric sex and neo tantrism which are not worthy of its paper. There are tantric sex experts been born one every hour of the day all riding on the back of misinterpretations and delusional fantasies.

Tantra Massage is a tool developed in the West by a Western Zen Monk. Unlike sex, unlike relationships, unlike flitting and unreliable love, happiness, and unlike basic human action which are all subject to trends, culture, fashion, society, gender, class, wealth, social position, health and so forward, Tantra teaches, and gives tools that will point to a life lived through the eyes of the permanent.

The tools may change and have changed long before Buddha but the essence has remained and continuous to remain the same through timelessness. Neo Tantras may know plenty about spiritual sex, mainly the sex surrounded by feathers, oils, music, candles, fun, gazing, breathing techniques but they know NOTHING about Tantra, most don't  even know about tantra massage because they haven't been trained, they haven't  studied the massage...yet they teach. 

Faced with the fact they lack training in the traditional practices the neo-tantric experts, gods and goddesses, masters are quick to assert that they have developed their own tantric massage, their own philosophy.

Which is possible but why calling the sex they have invented "spiritual tantric sex" when the guru (the tantra teaching) was dismissed. Having developed such spiritual sex with one's Christian values, mentality, and lenses it would be only right to call it exactly what? Catholic sex, Christian sex, Why tantric? 

For the tantric massage inventors why giving their credit to someone else? Naming their work something they have researched, worked hard to assemble, after Andro's work, what does it say about you?  Particularly when it’s made sure that what gives Andro the moral ground to name tantra massage in the way he has done is completely missing, misunderstood and ignored all along?  

We know why, without the tantra name it wouldn't sale. What about self-respect, self-honour, pride or even shame?  There are sages looking at us in disbelieve. Socked to see how an intelligent people who are masters of sciences and technology are so basic, so confused in their thinking, so limited in the sort of expectation we have, so shallow too.  "When we take sex to all aspects of our life we become limited"- Sad Guru.  

Tantra Massage is not Tantra, but it has earned the moral right to call it itself after Tantra because the massage is a tool, an opportunity to come across that which the Tantras have been pointing to for centuries through varied means namely;  yoga, meditation, fasting, ascetic practices, satsang and so forward, which unlike neo tantrism which prophesies to be this great exponent of tantric sex traditions having gotten rid of the guru, having arrived at something like Christianity without Christ, neo tantrism has  no moral grounds or intellectual basis to name themselves after Tantra.

Looking at the various books, as it seems neo tantrism has only helped them to the name Tantra to enable themselves to practice asexuality their societies has frown upon.  Once again we see Tantra been used as a narrative to resolve mundane issues and social political religious issues tantra is truly not concerned with.

In order to defend oneself the right to pay for sex, in order to make people understand their sexuality belong to them not to the church, not to the wife, husband, science or politicians Tantra has been sacrificed. Here is the sad thing, not everyone is the same way incline. People are far more diverse than being sexually envious or deprived, there are people to whom sex is not important, there are those who simply cannot find the so called spiritual tantric partner, yet like all humanity they are also looking for happiness, joy.

Love and they cannot find a single tantra practitioner a single tantra from where they could get the means to achieve the fulfilment they experience and they are looking for.  We hear about the rights for choice and diversity but when comes to the human body sex seems to be the only way.

We hope this critic will help you search for the true teachings, the genuine massage and the true Tantras. 
If you hear tantric sex ran if sex is not what you are looking for.
If you hear neo tantrism walk into it knowing that it’s not Tantra. 
Shakti Verah.

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