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School of Inner Value and wellbeing

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  • Tantra Massage a Touch designed for the body and not the mind.
  • Following Tantra Wisdom, Tantra Massage Teachings can only deal with the unfolding moment the Here Now!

Tantra Massage is about Being,  Sensing and expressing in acknowledgement and in celebration of the unfolding moment. This is a moment free from projections, beliefs, memory and labels, and above all, a moment free from the nonsense we all refer to as "my mind".
  • The human eyes the root of all Inner instability and unfulfillment'.  
  • Instead of speculating about "meaning" tantra Massage invites you to see through the empty eyes of being not the mental eyes of thinking.  

Only them the meaning of our Tantra Massage will blossom, and the sacredness of what the massage truly is will reveal itself from within a deep and sacred understanding.
Tantra massage is the most complete and beautiful massage so far developed. Only one's projections can ruin such moment. We are here to guide you through,  in recognition of pure bliss and authentic joy.


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