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  1. OM!

    Shakti Verah
         CEO Founder of PeaceQuiet ®        
    Tantra Massages is a teaching a pointing which will send you back in recognition of this amazing, perfect, being that you are. Yet the likes of Gumtree has imposed a ban on tantra massage - the Google has removed the word tantra from their algorithm, tantra massage pages can be featured but not promoted on Facebook, website directories have relegated tantra massage to their escort section, and Grammarly doesn't recognise the word massage as it warms you that the correct word is message.  

    As it now stands tantra is only allowed when presented as a shell full of made up false claims and misinformation and if it serves to divert the attention away from what is been sold under the ban on genuine tantra and genuine tantra massage practices. Everyone pretends that big S is forbidden but in reality, everything is done to facilitate the offer and the acquisition of it. 

    The morality and the restrictions only seem to matter when it comes to true genuine tantra massage - tantra erotic massage its teachings and practices. The question is why?  Could it maybe be because Tantra asks to transcend all forms of phenomena and temporary fixes so that one can come to the depth of one's own unique and true self?

    As I have mentioned, it serves no purposes you being free from all falsehoods, from attachments which have been sold as real love, real happiness, real relaxation, real fun.@PeaceQuiet you acquire the tools that will wipe clean the idea you have of yourself and of your conditioning. May this leave you fresh and completely anew.

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    To us, @PeaceQuiet Pure Self is the essence of our work and teachings and the true use and application of Tantra Massage – Tantra Erotic Massage tools for us nothing else exists beyond this direct individual experience and understanding.

     @PeaceQuiet we not only point to the truth we will demonstrate the truth by using tantra massage as a tool of awareness.
    Whatever we sense as the self it must be sensed through the body.  In relation to the Tantra Massage,  free expression of the unfolding pleasures and the joyful celebration of whatever is unfolding in the sincerity and the moment is a key principle.  The healing of the body cell, the overall return of our body back to the natural statelessness, neutrality and the a-sexual the body is been born as is a successful cursor for mind's surrender. 

    Is natural that we can approach self-enquiry through the body because it was through the socialisation of the body that all the imperfections, fears, have been imprinted in our minds.
    We would love for you to question comment and give your own opinion about the issues I have raised here on I, will be happy to address some of your comments and questions. Drop us your thoughts on the form bellow.

    Should you decide to have a session with @PeaceQuiet please use our booking form as our comment form will go into a completely different email box. Thank you for reading this far. Namaste!
    Shakti Verah

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    Based on what I have seen as a professional Tantra Massage practitioner and as an Advaita Master what people are truly against is about people roaming around fulfilled. All the states, of misery, neediness, un-fulfilment, unhappiness concocted by projections of socially informed imagination, has no mean or power over an intuitive being.

    Intuitive beings are of no use to the great industry of punishment, pain, misery, war and entertainment.  The prison industry hates rehabilitation, the courts are afraid of a zero crime society.

    We can easily see the same phenomena beeing played up in relation to Tantra and to Tantra Massage - Tantra erotic Massage where Western experts "genuine" teachers and "traditional" neo-"tantric" practitioners have removed the guru because the guru’s  teachings will set you free and leave them all unemployed.

    The seeker's very freedom will ruin all the industries that depend on dysfunctions, unhappiness, un-fulfilment, stresses and overall misery.

    The irony is the lies have been repeated so many times that the genuine practitioner is now doubted to the point where misled minds feel they ought to teach us a thing or two, the nature of which can easily be imagined.  

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    People also ask me “how can I know the true massage, from the fake massage”.

    To me is very easy because most made-up-stuff is actually very easy to spot.  In case of Tantra itself They lack clarity as the work they do carries a name of a traditions, culture, methodology which has been around for thousands of years yet they  present such work as “my own style”,  “my own method”, “someone handed down to me, while I was in India", " a mysterious guru who lives in the mountains somewhere in India - Tibet hand down the secret to me".  

    Why follow mystery men when there are masters whose work is so well documented and whose identity is so well known and whose fruit has been tasted by so many and proven to be true.

    My favourite one is "if it looks like sex it must be sex". But there is a problem with this because the West has sexualised the human body to a point where the body no longer exists outside the sexual context.  As we regard the human body as a mere energetic expression in form of a human body the saying does make sense to us. 

    As for Tantra Massage - Tantra Erotic Massage is also very simple. Ask for their certificates and do a good research on the teachers. As a matter of fact, their teachers must lead to one man, Andro Andreas Rothe, to one City Berlin and to one year, 1975. In order to further develop from Andro's work practitioners must master Andro's teachings and techniques. 



    I am often asked, ‘what is the best tantric massage’?

    I can only say the one I’ve experienced directly. As a Tantra Massage practitioner with a background in Advaita Self Enquiry for me the best “tantric massage” is the Tantra Massage that is truthful to Tantras teachings as opposed to pseudo “sacred secrets”.

    A sacred that is secret is of no use to any true seeker. As a teaching, the teachings must be made available and accessible to the seeker.

    Some lineages require that the level of teaching correspond to the readiness demonstrated by the seeker. This is a matter of gentleness, not secrecy. Dismantling mind's delusions require wisdom, gentleness does form a part of that.    

    Some people may take months and even years to recover from a direct realisation or to truly hear what has been said. Indeed in the case of Tantra teachings, gentleness is required, however, no one should mistake Tantra which is the root of Buddhism and Hinduism with tantra massage - tantra erotic massage, which are tools originally developed by Andro Rothe, Berlin 1975.  

    Either way  “sacred secrets” are not a recognised feature in neither of these methodologies/ teachings.
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    @PeaceQuiet we regard “tantric” “sacred secrets” as pure marketing tools, largely used partly because practitioners themselves are unfortunately and by large lost in misinformation and partly because most people are out to profiteer.
    We must ask the necessary questions. If this is a secret why are you telling me or even selling it to me?
    Where is your honour in revealing - selling your guru/master’s secrets? This too must be asked, if such masters/gurus are serious in what they have handed down to you why can’t their identity be revealed?

    I wouldn't be wrong if I would've said that the only reason their identity cannot be revealed is because they are fictitious. In Tantra and in Tantra Massage we must be aware of our teachings lineages, traditions, their fathers, their masters and their gurus. To make a public reference to our masters is an honour,  not something any true practitioner, master, or teacher should be forced to hide.  

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    Unfortunately, anyone who has in good faith come up with their own method "style" shouldn't be calling it after someone else's work, and certainly not after Tantra which is something they might not have a clue about.  is very safe to say that Tantra is not a Massages, Tantra is not sex, dysfunctions, relationships, blockages, deep breath, connections or build-ups between the payee and the paid.

    Tantra is not like Caesar salad where is right not to have  Caesar himself as the central ingredient.

    If it says Tantra it ought to give us the essence.  Tools can change and ought to change in reflection of our times but the essence must run true to all. Advaita, Tibetan tantra, Buddha's teachings differ in skill and in style BUT the essence runs through them all unaltered throughout the centuries. Time will not be able to alter it.

    And, is in this very same vein, that the essence also runs through tantra massage and tantra erotic massage teachings, otherwise, why would the tantra massages be called Tantra? 

    The quicker people realise this the faster they will avoid places they genuinely don't wish to go to. More than that, it's only by understanding “That” which Tantra and Tantra Massage truly are concerned with that one will also come to fully understand how one has come to experience the opposite as the real true.

    @PeaceQuiet we are here to show this much: those who are against or fearful of tantra massage are not against the false claims because the "forbidden fruit" is widely available, widely promoted and easily attainable.
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