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School of Inner Value and wellbeing


1- Penalty charge:

People who are looking for male female escorts must read our massage page and pricing pages and make sure that we are the massage you are looking for.  

A £50 charge will apply for those who wish to leave without any good reason.  

make no mistake: We are here for men ana women who are genuinely looking for Tantra (Erotic) Massage, traditional Eastern Tantra Teachings, Advaita teachings, Eastern Meditation, non dualistic self enquiry.  

We are a Private Tantra Temple dedicated to genuine Eastern Tantra traditions.

Ours space is genuinely designed exclusively for Tantra ( Erotic) Massage and Meditation.  
Our practitioners are genuine, formally trained and fully qualified tantra massage practitioners.
We are not escorts.

PeaceQuiet®  is a UK full tax paying and UK registered business UK00003047229.  We shall not hesitate to use the full power and the spirit of the law. We demand respect and courtesy deemed to any operating business in the UK. Anyone who intend to barter with our practitioners or raise unflatering and unfounded arguments over our prices will be making a grave mistake as we do not exitate to call the police whenever intimidated by anyone present  within the vacinity of our work.

PeaceQuiet® has over 12 years of experience and if this is not enough please do not come to us, we are here to serve a very specific public, RESPECTABLE, COURTESEOUS, CIVIL, truthful, men and women genuinely interested in what we do which is Tantra Erotic Massage, traditional Eastern Tantra Teachings, Advaita teachings, Eastern Meditation, non dualistic self enquiry.  

2- Our Language - Our Jargon

Tantra (erotic) massage was developed and named by Zen monk Andro Andreas Rothe, Berlin 1975.
All PeaceQuiet® practitioners are honest and devoted followers of Master Andro's tradition as such we still maintain the language and the jargon developed by this tradition.

By 'erotic' we mean a massage which massages the primary erogenous zones of the body: mouth, anus, lingham (men (shiva)), yoni (women (shakti)).
By Intimacy we mean In to Me I see. This is inner seeing, inner looking. inner being. 

By Sensual and Orgasm we mean energetic flow which is present in all life form.
These two energetic flows together with entire nature are totally a-sexual.
We regard sexuality and sex as fruits of  human invention, and  part of conceptual evolution of culture and society.
We take procreation as being nature and the act of sex as being culture. 
We aim at a reality and truth prior to culture, prior to duality and prior to the realisation of otherness.
Here we only consider the Self as the ever lasting expanded unfolding one.
As such there is no space for sex in Tantra (erotic) massage or in any of the sessions or teachings offered here at our temple. 

Don't enquire about escorts or sex services as we find this unflatering and equally desrespectful.
We find this line of enquiry both unecessary and profoundly hurtful.
Tantra (erotic) Massages are genuine massages, tantra practitiners have dedicated great part of their lives, from 3 to12 years  training to become Tantra massage practitioners, and Tantra masters.  We reserve the right and have the full duty to protect our integrity and preserve the safety and the overall emotional and moral welfare of our practitioners.
PeaceQuiet® is a genuine business don't be a foul, don't risk it by soliciting. We do enjoy the protection of the United Kingdom laws. 

PeaceQuiet® is a sacred space for EASTERN TANTRA teachings, We are not in any way associated with Western tantric practices. 

3- Methodology
folowing our tradition we massage on a tantra mattress on the floor.
we use oil for our massage.
a shower before the massage is compulsory.

we massage unclothed
the receiver receives the massage unclothed
 we do not offer towel management

the giver of the massage is not a receiver
the receiver of the massage is not a giver
there is no such thing as mutual pleasuring in tantra massage and tantra erotic massage space.

'Once in Rome do it as the romans' but not in tantra massage. Tantra (erotic) massage has its own tradition, methodology, teachings and is designed to serve a specific demand and a very specific kind of extremely individual interest. 

PeaceQuiet® will not compromise on this to serve mundane behaviour and attitudes allien to our principles, methodology, teachings, values and traditions. Please understand that your expereince with other methodologies may not be welcomed by our approach. Do your very best to embrace and understand what we are here for, once you leave you are free to follow, to adapt or even reject it all together. we have follen in love with this way of being in life and is our direct understanding we are here to share with the general public. thisis not a religion.  This is grace that invites one's heart to follow it in our own unique and individual way.  It doesn't matter,. hear and experience then decide for yourself, this isall we have done, and here we are... totally greatful and in lovingness of it all.

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