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School of Inner Value and wellbeing

Andro  Andreas Rothé 

German-born Zen monk, Father of Tantra Massage, and father of Yin Yang Massage. Andro Rothe first coined the term 'Tantra Massage, in Berlin 1975.
Founder of Diamond Lotus the first Institute of Tantra Massage in the world.
Shakti Verah was  Andro Rothe and Devatara's direct student. 

Andro Andreas Rothé Precepts 

Tantra Massage Diamond Lotus Method  is  concerned  with:
  • The natural response to touch
  • The  a-sexual body

Tantra massage is self-centred. 
  • The attention is all on the Receiver, not on the Giver.

The massage is a space of no judgement and unconditional self - love and intimacy.
  •  Intimacy is about the conscious inquiry - In to Me I See.
 There are very clear boundaries:
  • The giver is not a receiver
  • The receiver is not a giver
Tantra Massages was designed to offer the receiver a safe and sacred moment of trust. 
To ensure the sacredness of this moment, Tantra Massage offers:
  •  No space for mutual touch
  •  No space for reverse massage
  •  No space for sexual activity
Tantra Massage has a vast repertoire, it can last 12 long hours to 6 months long session.
  • The practitioner is trained to massage with intuition and to follow in Here Now. 
  • The receiver is required to respect the practitioner's private space, skill and intuition unconditionally
The receiver of the massage can verbalise pleasure but with a language that is honouring and respectful to the practitioner, and to the sacred environment of our Tantra Massage space. 
The Receiver can also express pleasure in absolute freedom but without having to resort to:
  • ordinary suggestions and demands
  • past experiences - mental fantasies
  • giving out orders
  • mundane or profane chat
  • asking questions about the Giver's states of desire
  • the massage is for the body not the mind

 The massage is given:
  • on a  mattress on the floor
  • received unclothed which is symbolic of nothing to hide; this is purely a matter of technique not fashion or style.
  • No towel management.
  • We use unscented oils
  • Shower before the massage is compulsory 
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