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Although developed in the West Tantra Massage - Tantra Erotic Massage were both indeed developed to reflect Traditional Tantra Teachings which is at the root of their teachings.
Traditional Tantra sects differ in their methods of teachings, in the character of their rituals. They do not differ in fundamental thought and philosophy. Traditional Tantra practitioners all have one inspiration and one goal; salvation from rebirth with the attainment of Nirvana - Enlightenment - Unconditional Bliss.   

Traditional Tantra uses Meditation and complex rituals, whereas PeaceQuiet® Tantra Massage practitioners use Touch as a tool for meditation. Easter Traditional Tantra Teachings (born BC India - Tibet) differ enormously from both Western "tantric sex" which was born in the XVIII century British India and from tantric sexual spirituality which was born in the XXI century USA-UK. If the latter is concerned with material stability the former is surely concerned with the Everlasting Bliss.
There should be no mistake, the style of tantra massage can, do, and ought to differ from practitioner to practitioner but by the mere act of adding sex to the Tantra Massage, the goal post does shift from Eastern Traditional Tantra to ordinary, mundane practices.  
“Tantra implies a thread connecting the past to the future and thus an unbroken continuum,” with this, Kirti Tsensharp Rinpoche, meant that Tantra is freedom from the limitations of our phenomenal reality. Phenomena have a beginning and an end, just like "spiritual" sex does.

Furthermore, as Sri Dalai Lama said, "Spirituality marks the end of an ordinary mind but even spirituality must be transcended", therefore the use of sex to attain higher sexual spirituality is a bogus concept because the Genuine Traditional call for transcending sex and spirituality altogether.  

One must be extremely cautious in handling material as complex as Traditional Tantra Teachings.   Transcendence means letting go. Let the ego, drop its identity with body-mind, let go without suffering, without despair, without control, without prohibition, without any display of tan-trick love, tan-trick affection and all the tan-trick drama.   

If we want to summarise the difference between Eastern Tantra and Western neo-tantrism there isn't one, because they are not one the same thing!  Is there any difference between the sun and the moon? NO. The sun is the sun. The moon is the moon. They may be part of the solar system but they have their own unique role to play in the complexity of that system. 

Traditional Eastern Tantras are not against sex. 
Trying to make one aspect of life, such as sex, into every aspect of life is not tantra it is a fallacy. Traditional Tantras respect the fact that our Westernised thinking is dominated by sex and out of respect they leave it as that. 
Tantra is essentially here for those who which to broaden their thinking and broaden their possibilities beyond the limitations of sex.  Deep down we wished Western neo-Tantrism woke up and smelled the coffee.  

Sex is maiming and killing people spiritually and emotionally, and is not bringing anyone to enlightenment; The many Manilas and SOHOs of the world are yet to turn into monasteries, churches and temples beaming with sentient beings.

Instead, every place where sex is procured and sold is beaming with men and women seeking happiness through what is often an exploitation of that one desire: happiness.  The punter buys happiness the worker sales happiness but in the end what they are both left with is a good injection of misery and the false sense of happiness. 
Traditional Tantras know that the Universal Human Desire is HAPPINESS. They understand that every human action does boil down to this universal principle.  For the Western thinking happiness is at the end of hard work, it comes through the acquisition of material goods such as sex and through the sweat result of the personal struggle. The Tantras say true happiness must be spontaneous and effortless and with no strings attached.

If sex is human nature surely we can't be talking about the same nature. First, there's the nature of mind which is ' culture' where sex comes from, then there's the nature of human cell which is always unfolding.
Can the sun become the moon? This is the question for those who are seeking Tantra or Tantra Massage for the purpose of attaining sexual spirituality.

Tantric sex experts must wake up and smell the coffee: The human body knows NOTHING about sex. The human body has an intelligence based on senses, feelings, and pleasure, joy which Western societies and cultures have sexualised.  Take a sip of that coffee; Sex is a minor aspect of procreation which through its repression has been blown out, and out of all proportion. 

Here is what the Traditional Tantras are saying, "you are not your body, you are not your mind" if so why would they want to turn sex (a grain of sand- not a mountain) spiritual? According to the Tantras, we are not even "the" Energy! Buddhist Masters say, "if you see Buddha, kill Him", because like "tantric" "energies" Buddha is also a projection. 

For those who are not comfortable with having their bodies massaged, PeaceQuiet® has other tools to work with. We offer meditation and self-enquiry. For us, Tantra Massage or Tantra Erotic Massage is a matter of choice, not a compulsion. Pointing to the Tantra Path, the path of unconditional, unlimited, and everlasting bliss is our true and only compulsion. 

Having done the necessary work in Self Enquiry I have complete faith in Tantra Massage. I use it for what it is, one more tool amongst many other genuine tools which have been developed for the purpose of pointing directly to that which Tantra Masters and Tantra Sages have been pointing to for Thousands of years: Truly Fulfilled and Unconditional Happiness!  

If your life is not trans-boarding with infinite unlimited peace, abundant pleasure, and you are simply bereaved, fearful, dragging along with a tired, heavy body, no bliss, no joy, lacking an abundance of life. You have been to see the doctors and you've been told that you're simply burnt out, stressed, deprived of sleep, don't be put off by misinterpretations and debauchery around "tantra"  seek our support.

Genuine Traditional Tantra teachings and genuine Tantra Massage Teachings are a great gift to humanity.   They offer powerful skills, which can and do transform lives, from the idea of what you are to a complete and an effortless bliss. Thank you for reading this far. We are looking forward to hearing from you,


Shakti Verah

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